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Rainbow Gallery

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Rainbow Gallery - Treasure Ribbon Petite
Product No: 23874
Supplier Code: RGTRP-PS
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.60

SALE PRICE: $ 3.06 - (SAVE 15 %)

Bright, Soft, Metallic ribbon, 16 to 18ct Needlepoint, 11 to 14ct cross stitch

PR01 Bright Gold
PR04 Silver
PR06 Green PR09 Sky Blue
PR19 Dark Red
PR25 Old Gold
PR29 Burgundy
PR30 Black Gold
PR39 New Copper
PR42 Autumn Orange
PR47 Awesome Gold
PR48 Orange
PR49 Pumpkin
PR87 Limeade
PR88 Chartreuse
PR89 Tropical Sunset

Rainbow Gallery - Very Velvet
Product No: 11580
Supplier Code: RGV
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 4.39

SALE PRICE: $ 3.73 - (SAVE 15 %)

Needlepoint 13-18ct
Velour-type yarn

V201 Black
V202 White
V203 Ecru
V204 Taupe
V205 Camel
V206 Tan
V207 Warm Brown
V208 Dark Brown
V209 Midnight Brown
V210 Pink
V211 Brick Red
V212 Cherry Red
V213 Burgundy
V214 Garnet
V215 Lite Gray
V216 Dark Gray
V217 Peacock Blue
V218 Antique Blue
V219 Denim
V220 Yellow
V221 Lite Green
V222 Green
V223 Dark Green
V224 Midnight Green
V225 Olive

V226 Purple
V227 Eggplant
V228 Violet
V229 Orange
V230 Navy
V231 Christmas Red
V232 Brite Red
V233 Geranium
V234 Brite Blue
V235 Lite Violet
V236 Lite Sea Green
V237 Sea Green
V238 Dark Sea Green
V239 Dark Terra Cotta
V240 Blue Blush
V241 Lite Antique Blue
V242 Navy Blue
V243 Pale Golden Brown
V244 Lite Golden Brown
V245 Dark Golden Brown
V246 Medium Yellow
V247 Medium Beige
V248 Very Dark Fawn
V249 Teal
V250 Raspberry

V251 Sage Green
V252 Hunter Green
V253 Lite Antique Mauve
V254 Antique Mauve
V255 Dark Red
V256 Gray
V257 Gold
V258 Golden Brown
V259 Pale Blue
V260 Blue
V261 Peach Flesh
V262 Green Aqua
V263 Coral
V264 Indigo Blue
V265 Dark Raspberry
V266 Ruby
V267 Butter
V268 Lite Olive
V269 Med Raspberry
V270 Yellow Gold
V271 Powder Blue
V272 Med Violet
V273 Cream
V274 Lt Pearl Gray
V275 Pearl Gray

V276 Charcoal
V277 Dark Fuchsia
V278 Turquoise
V279 Brite Orange
V280 Bubble Gum
V281 Sky Blue
V282 Scarlet
V283 Dark Chocolate
V284 Pistachio Chocolate
V285 Turf Green
V286 Wedgewood
V287 Dark Pearl Grey
V288 Blue Oasis
V289 Blue Bell
V290 Castlerock
V291 Hawaiian Ocean
V292 Paprika
V293 Passion Flower
V401 Charcoals
V402 Orchids
V403 Blue Blush
V404 Sky Blues
V405 Sapphire Blues
V406 Irish Greens
V407 Pine Greens

V408 Chocolates
V410 Burgundys
V411 Bubblegum Pinks
V412 Desert Sands
V413 Apple Greens
V414 Brite Yellows
V415 Periwinkles
V416 Brite Oranges

Rainbow Gallery - Very Velvet Petite
Product No: 11579
Supplier Code: RGV
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 4.39

SALE PRICE: $ 3.73 - (SAVE 15 %)

Needlepoint 13-18ct
Dye matched to Very Velvet; thinner velour, great on 18ct canvas and Cross stitch 10 count

V601 Black
V602 White
V603 Ecru
V604 Taupe
V605 Camel
V606 Tan
V607 Warm Brown
V608 Dark Brown
V609 Midnight Brown
V610 Pink
V611 Brick Red
V612 Cherry Red
V613 Burgundy
V614 Garnet
V615 Lite Gray
V616 Dark Gray
V617 Peacock Blue
V618 Antique Blue
V619 Denim
V620 Yellow
V621 Lite Green
V622 Green
V623 Dark Green
V624 Midnight Green
V625 Olive

V626 Purple
V627 Eggplant
V628 Violet
V629 Orange
V630 Navy
V631 Christmas Red
V632 Brite Red
V633 Geranium
V634 Brite Blue
V635 Lite Violet
V636 Lite Sea Green
V637 Sea Green
V638 Dark Sea Green
V639 Dark Terra Cotta
V640 Blue Blush
V641 Lite Antique Blue
V642 Navy Blue
V643 Pale Golden Brown
V644 Lite Golden Brown
V645 Dark Golden Brown
V646 Medium Yellow
V647 Medium Beige
V648 Very Dark Fawn
V649 Teal
V650 Raspberry

V651 Sage Green
V652 Hunter Green
V653 Lite Antique Mauve
V654 Antique Mauve
V655 Dark Red
V656 Gray
V657 Gold
V658 Golden Brown
V659 Pale Blue
V660 Blue
V661 Peach Flesh
V662 Green Aqua
V663 Coral
V664 Indigo Blue
V665 Dark Raspberry
V666 Ruby
V667 Butter
V668 Lite Olive
V669 Med Raspberry
V670 Yellow Gold
V671 Powder Blue
V672 Med Violet
V673 Cream
V674 Lt Pearl Gray
V675 Pearl Gray

V676 Charcoal
V677 Dark Fuchsia
V678 Turquoise
V679 Brite Orange
V680 Bubble Gum
V681 Sky Blue
V682 Scarlet
V683 Dark Chocolate
V684 Pistachio
V685 Turf Green
V686 Wedgewood
V687 Dark Pearl Grey
V688 Blue Oasis
V689 Bluebell
V690 Castlerock
V691 Hawaiian Ocean
V692 Paprika
V693 Passion Flower
V800 Dove Grays
V801 Charcoals
V803 Blue Blush
V805 Sapphire Blues
V807 Pine Greens
V808 Chocolates
V813 Apple Greens

V816 Brite Oranges

Rainbow Gallery - Water N Ice
Product No: 11584
Supplier Code: RGWT
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 5.15

SALE PRICE: $ 4.38 - (SAVE 15 %)

use in long stitches for all areas.

WT1 Transparent Ice
WT2 Water Blue
WT3 Flame Yellow
WT4 Flame Orange
WT5 Flame Red
WT6 Flame Dark Red
WT7 Pink
WT8 Pale Yellow
WT09 Deep Navy (Wet Look Opaque)
WT10 Black (Wet Look Opaque)
WT11 Christmas Red
WT12 Pearl Ice
WT13 Aqua
WT14 Ocean
WT15 Rain Gray
WT16 Taupe
WT17 Barely Rose
WT18 Pine Green

Rainbow Gallery - Winter
Product No: 11585
Supplier Code: RGWTW
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.60

SALE PRICE: $ 3.06 - (SAVE 15 %)

Use in long stitches for all areas. For Ice & Snow

Ships in approximately 10 to 14 business days


  WN1 White 10-Yard --- add $3.30
  WN4 White 40-Yard --- add $10.50
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Rainbow Gallery - Wisper
Product No: 10713
Supplier Code: RGW
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.15

SALE PRICE: $ 2.68 - (SAVE 15 %)

A very fine fuzzy single yarn. It is usually necessary to ply up to a thickness that will cover your canvas. It is OK to double this yarn over in your needle. It may also be brushed to give a fuller effect. Combine it with another, stronger yarn such as Designer's Dream to give it even more strength. (4 strands on 13-14 count canvas, 2 strands on 18 count and 1 strand on 22 count)

W68 Dark Tan
W69 Mahogany
W70 Red
W71 Dark Red
W72 Burgundy
W77 Russet
W86 New Pink
W87 New Green
W88 White
W89 Ecru
W90 Tan
W91 New Yellow
W92 Olive
W95 Navy Blue
W99 Black
W101 Pearl Gray
W102 Dark Pearl Gray
W105 Hazelnut

W106 Dark Hazelnut
W109 Mink
W111 Honey Blond
W115 Pumpkin
W116 Fox Red
W118 Dark Chocolate
W119 Espresso
W121 Fawn
W122 Bison
W123 Chestnut
W125 Kangaroo
W126 Blue Jay
W127 Goldenrod
W128 Violet
W130 Charcoal
W131 Beige
W132 Coffee Bean
W133 Silver Fox (Sub for W60)
W134 Midnight Blue
W135 Stormcloud
W136 Smoked Pearl
W137 Turtledove
W138 Castlerock
W139 Sierra
W140 Tobacco Brown

W141 Pearled Ivory
W142 Pink Flambe
W143 Koala
W144 Gentle Doe
W145 Puppy Paws
W146 Chipmunk
W147 Timber Wolf
W148 Falcon
W149 Gray Flannel

Rainbow Gallery - Zoo Eyes
Product No: 23953
Supplier Code: RGZ
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 2.50

SALE PRICE: $ 2.13 - (SAVE 15 %)

Glows in the dark
Needlepoint 13-18ct; Cross stitch 7-11ct

Z001 Eerie Ecru

Rainbow Gallery Magnetic Needle Tugger
Product No: 95277
Supplier Code: NT
Designer/Artist: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 16.00

Gives you extra grip to pull needles through tight stitching. Conveniently clips to scissors or chains.

Ships in 2-3 weeks

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Rainbow Laying Tool
Product No: 15750
Supplier Code: RLT
Designer/Artist: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 71.00

Ships in 10 - 14 days

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