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River Silks


River Silks 4mm - Overdyed Silk Ribbon
Product No: 29185
Supplier Code: RS4M
Publisher: River Silks

Our Price: $ 5.90

100% hand dyed silk ribbon. 5.5 yards per card

4RV235 Artichoke
4RV281 Aspen Damson
4RV6 Aspen Gold Solid
4RV139 Aspen Green
4RV212 Beige
4RV30 Blue Iris Solid
4RV183 Blue Night Solid
4RV245 Blazing Solid
4RV107 Bubblegum
4RV100 Buff Orange
4RV201 Buff Yellow Solid
4RV53 Cameo Pink Solid
4RV287 Caramel
4RV251 Caramel Solid
4RV115 Cascade
4RV144 Celadon Green
4RV138 Chartreuse
4RV221 Chateau Rose Solid
4RV218 Chinese Red
4RV158 Chinese Red Solid
4RV229 Chinese Yellow Solid
4RV233 Chocolate Solid
4RV254 Classic Green
4RV113 Cloisonne
4RV37 Cloisonne Solid

4RV231 Coral Red
4RV99 Cream Puff
4RV271 Crystal Blue
4RV35 Crystal Blue Solid
4RV277 Dachshund
4RV177 Dachshund Solid
4RV103 Desert Flower
4RV112 Dresden Blue
4RV36 Dresden Solid
4RV16 Dubarry Solid
4RV173 Ecru Solid
4RV127 Fern
4RV237 Fir Chestnut Solid
4RV284 Fir Green Solid
4RV12 Flame Solid
4RV143 Fog Green
4RV73 Forest Shade Solid
4RV142 Forest Shade
4RV163 Fuchsia Red Solid
4RV209 Garnet Solid
4RV140 Gleam
4RV306 Gold Orange
4RV135 Gold Orange
4RV14 Gossamer Pink Solid
4RV234 Green

4RV123 Greenery
4RV43 Greenery Solid
4RV292 Greenery Juniper
4RV2861 Greenery Woodbine
4RV172 Hunter Green Solid
4RV561 Ibis Rose Solid
4RV241 Island Green Solid
4RV291 Jacaranda Solid
4RV252 Jade Lime
4RV211 Jade Sheen
4RV2201 Khaki Solid
4RV274 Kiwi
4RV279 Lemon Apricot
4RV280 Lemon Macaroon
4RV97 Lemonade
4RV189 Licorice Black Solid
4RV52 Lilac Solid
4RV128 Lime Green
4RV2921 Lime Green/Juniper
4RV78 Lime Peel Solid
4RV133 Lime Punch
4RV11 Living Coral Solid
4RV174 Macaroon Solid
4RV278 Macaroon Brown
4RV1301 Maccaw Olive Green

4RV114 Moonlight Jade
4RV38 Moonlite Jade Solid
4RV54 Moonlite Mauve Solid
4RV19 Morning Glory Solid
4RV147 Nile
4RV267 Olive Apricot
4RV220 Olive Green Solid
4RV205 Onion Blue Solid
4RV101 Orange Orange
4RV191 Orchid Solid
4RV108 Orchid Petal
4RV106 Orchid Pink
4RV110 Paisley Purple
4RV24 Paisley Purple Solid
4RV198 Pale Gold Solid
4RV256 Pale Lilac
4RV244 Pastel Blue
4RV119 Patina Green
4RV282 Peach Boysenberry
4RV262 Peach Coral
4RV283 Peach Pink
4RV105 Pearl
4RV17 Pearl Solid
4RV214 Peppermint
4RV161 Persian Red Solid

4RV104 Persimmon
4RV168 Pine Green Solid
4RV313 Pink Carnation Solid
4RV116 Pool Green
4RV5 Popcorn Solid
4RV204 Prism Violet Solid
4RV224 Prune Solid
4RV156 Pumpkin Solid
4RV26 Purple
4RV238 Purple Wine Solid
4RV261 Raspberry Sorbet Solid
4RV213 Red Violet
4RV272 Red Violet Solid
4RV230 Red White
4RV246 Reed
4RV145 Reseda
4RV275 Reseda
4RV21 Rose Red Solid
4RV15 Salmon Rose Solid
4RV286 Sap Green
4RV131 Sharp Green
4RV44 Sharp Green Solid
4RV216 Silver Black
4RV215 Silver Gold
4RV33 Silver Lake Blue Solid

4RV1541 Silver Lilac
4RV266 Silver Shale
4RV120 Summer Green
4RV268 Sunshine Gold
4RV45 Sweet Pea Solid
4RV148 Tarragon
4RV102 Tropical Peach
4RV4 Vanilla Solid
4RV232 Vibrant Yellow Solid
4RV109 Viola
4RV23 Viola Solid
4RV129 Vivid Chartreuse
4RV74 Watercress Solid
4RV152 White Aqua
4RV301 White Flame
4RV300 White Greenery
4RV255 White Jade
4RV298 White Lake Blue
4RV302 White Lime Peel
4RV304 White Orchid Pink
4RV303 White Viola
4RV202 White White Solid
4RV299 White Yellow
4RV132 Wild Lime
4RV1921 Wisteria Solid

4RV96 Yellow
4RV285 Cream
4RV305 Yellow Cream Flame
4RV257 Yellow Gold
4RV297 Yellow Orange
4RV134 Yellow Red
4RV98 Yellow Red
4RV48 Yolk Yellow Solid

River Silks 7mm - Overdyed Silk Ribbon
Product No: 23981
Supplier Code: RS7M
Publisher: River Silks

Our Price: $ 8.60

100% hand dyed silk ribbon. 5.5 yards per card

7RV81 Arcadian Green
7RV235 Artichoke
7RV281 Aspen Damson
7RV139 Aspen Green
7RV212 Beige
7RV107 Bubblegum
7RV100 Buff Orange
7RV287 Caramel
7RV115 Cascade
7RV144 Celadon Green
7RV138 Chartreuse
7RV158 Chinese Red
7RV218 Chinese Red
7RV254 Classic Green
7RV113 Cloisonne
7RV231 Coral Red
7RV99 Cream Puff
7RV271 Crystal Blue
7RV35 Crystal Blue
7RV277 Dachshund
7RV29 Deep Periwinkle
7RV103 Desert Flower
7RV32 Dream Blue Solid
7RV112 Dresden Blue
7RV36 Dresden Blue

7RV62 Feldspar
7RV127 Fern
7RV143 Fog Green
7RV142 Forest Shade
7RV73 Forest Shade
7RV140 Gleam
7RV135 Gold Orange
7RV306 Gold Orange
7RV14 Gossamer Pink
7RV234 Green
7RV123 Greenery
7RV292 Greenery Juniper
7RV185 Ice
7RV26 Imperial Purple
7RV30 Iris Solid
7RV241 Island Green
7RV211 Jade Sheen
7RV122 Jade Lime
7RV252 Jade Lime
7RV124 Kiwi
7RV274 Kiwi
7RV279 Lemon Apricot
7RV280 Lemon Macaroon
7RV97 Lemonade
7RV128 Lime Green

7RV133 Lime Punch
7RV278 Macaroon Brown
7RV130 Macaw Green
7RV114 Moonlight Jade
7RV147 Nile
7RV141 Nile Green
7RV111 Norse Blue
7RV288 Norse Blue
7RV267 Olive Apricot
7RV101 Orange Orange
7RV108 Orchid Petal
7RV106 Orchid Pink
7RV110 Paisley Purple
7RV256 Pale Lilac
7RV244 Pastel Blue
7RV119 Patina Green
7RV282 Peach Boysenberry
7RV262 Peach Coral
7RV283 Peach Pink
7RV105 Pearl
7RV17 Pearl
7RV214 Peppermint
7RV104 Persimmon
7RV117 Pistachio Green
7RV116 Pool Green

7RV5 Popcorn
7RV224 Prune
7RV290 Raspberry Wine
7RV213 Red Violet
7RV230 Red White
7RV246 Reed
7RV145 Reseda
7RV275 Reseda
7RV87 Sage
7RV126 Sap Green
7RV286 Sap Green
7RV146 Seedling
7RV131 Sharp Green
7RV216 Silver Black
7RV215 Silver Gold
7RV266 Silver Shale
7RV137 Spray
7RV120 Summer Green
7RV268 Sunshine Gold
7RV148 Tarragon
7RV265 Tarragon
7RV102 Tropical Peach
7RV3 Vibrant Yellow
7RV109 Viola
7RV23 Viola

7RV129 Vivid Chartreuse
7RV152 White Aqua
7RV125 White Jade
7RV255 White Jade
7RV298 White Lake Blue
7RV299 White Yellow
7RV132 Wild Lime
7RV285 Yellow Cream
7RV301 White Flame
7RV257 Yellow Gold
7RV300 White Greenery
7RV304 White Orchid Pink
7RV302 White Lime Peel
7RV303 White Violia
7RV89 White Pear
7RV96 Yellow
7RV305 Yellow Cream Flame
7RV297 Yellow Orange
7RV98 Yellow Red
7RV136 Yolk Coral


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