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Rainbow Gallery

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Rainbow Gallery - Alabaster
Product No: 10801
Supplier Code: RGBG
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 4.15

SALE PRICE: $ 3.32 - (SAVE 20 %)

13-18ct needlepoint, 7-11ct cross stitch. Sparkling Iridescent White Metallic. 20yard cards.

BG7 White Pearl

Rainbow Gallery - Alpaca 18
Product No: 10657
Supplier Code: RGA
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.10

SALE PRICE: $ 2.48 - (SAVE 20 %)

100% Alpaca yarn. Use this as you would any normal yarn. It is strong and will not fray easily. If desired, you may brush it with a Bunka Brush or toothbrush to fluff it up to maximize the furry effect. (1 strand13-18 count)

AL50 Medium Cocoa
AL51 White
AL52 Off White
AL61 Gray
AL62 Dark Gray
AL63 Charcoal Gray
AL64 Black
AL71 Dark Taupe
AL81 Camel
AL83 Brown
AL84 Mink
AL85 Beige
AL86 Tan
AL87 Heather Gray
AL88 Chestnut
AL89 Lamb's Wool
AL90 Timber Wolf
AL91 Cobblestone
AL92 Morocco Sand
AL93 Butterum
AL94 Hazelnut
AL95 Tundra
AL96 Grape Leaves
AL97 Wild Dove
AL98 Tattered Teddy

AL99 Flax
AL100 Oat Straw
AL101 Sunflower
AL102 Redwood
AL103 Heather Green
AL104 Crater Lake

Rainbow Gallery - Alpaca Petite
Product No: 10699
Supplier Code: RGAP
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.10

SALE PRICE: $ 2.48 - (SAVE 20 %)

100% Alpaca yarn. Use this as you would any normal yarn. It is strong and will not fray easily. If desired, you may brush it with a Bunka Brush or toothbrush to fluff it up to maximize the furry effect. Cross Stitch 14-16ct & over 2 on 25 - 32ct

AP52 Off White
AP58 Dark Cocoa
AP61 Gray
AP62 Dark Gray
AP64 Black
AP82 Lite Brown

Rainbow Gallery - Angora
Product No: 10675
Supplier Code: RGANG
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 6.40

SALE PRICE: $ 5.12 - (SAVE 20 %)

Needlepoint 13-15ct, Long stitches 18ct, Cross stitch 7ct. Luxurious 100% angora.

RA01 White
RA02 Off White
RA03 Ecru
RA04 Taupe
RA05 Beige
RA06 Tan
RA09 Lite Gray
RA10 Medium Gray
RA11 Pink
RA12 Christmas Red
RA16 Dove Gray
RA18 Black
RA19 Dark Gray
RA22 Yellow
RA23 Desert Taupe
RA24 Violet
RA25 Wild Lime
RA26 Evergreen
RA27 Misty Rose
RA28 Charcoal Gray
RA29 Blue Booties
RA30 Soft Suede
RA31 Chocolate Truffle
RA32 Barely Peach
RA33 Bubblegum

Rainbow Gallery - Arctic Rays
Product No: 10678
Supplier Code: RGAR
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.39

SALE PRICE: $ 2.71 - (SAVE 20 %)

This yarn can best be described as a wispy fringe. It has pieces of transparent fiber that give a glistening effect. Do not drag this yarn across the canvas. Use a larger than normal needle to prepare the canvas holes to accept the Arctic Rays without pulling it apart. The glistening effect of this yarn is more pronounced with long stitches, as less of the fringe is pulled into the canvas. Arctic Rays also makes wonderful French Knots. (1 strand 14-18 Long Stitches)

AR1 Black
AR2 White
AR3 Ecru
AR4 Pink
AR5 Blue
AR6 Royal Purple
AR7 Silver
AR8 Tree Green
AR9 Golden Straw
AR10 Brown
AR12 Red
AR13 Burgundy
AR14 Bright Blue
AR15 Yellow
AR16 Brite Gold
AR17 Christmas Green
AR18 Kitty Cat Gray
AR19 Fuchsia
AR20 Brite Purple
AR22 Brite Orange
AR23 Aqua
AR24 Teddy Bear Brown
AR25 Sparkling Grape
AR26 Kiwi

Rainbow Gallery - Bravo
Product No: 10674
Supplier Code: RGBR
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.35

SALE PRICE: $ 2.68 - (SAVE 20 %)

This yarn is a cotton floss with each of its four strands is equivalent to pearl cotton size 12. (Each ply is slightly larger than a strand of DMC floss.) It should be stripped and put back together when stitching so that it will lie smoothly. As with space dyed or overdyed yarns, you need to match up the ends in the same order that you stripped the yarn. Also, when you stitch with the second length you remove from the card, thread the needle on the end opposite the cut (or the end left on the card, not the end that you cut). Always thread the end that is opposite the cut as you continue with additional lengths of yarn. This will ensure that the run of colors remains the same. It is also a good idea to stitch having as much thread as possible on the back of the canvas as this will help you go through the color runs much more quickly. Do not leave long ends when beginning or ending off the thread as this will interrupt the color run. Make sure that you buy enough at one time to complete your project as the dye lots do vary somewhat. The dye lots change because these yarns are hand dyed and variations do occur. Another advantage of these yarns is that they are four plies. This is especially helpful when doing geometric designs where you need to do the same color runs in four different directions. (2 strands on congress cloth, 3 strands on 18 count, 4 strands on 16 count, 5 strands on 14 count)

A00 Ecru
A15 White
A17 Rainforest
A20 Carousel
A24 Reds
A28 Lagoon
A29 Violets
A30 Sahara
A32 Taos
A33 Brandywine
A35 Wild Berries
A46 Peacock
A48 Adobe
A49 Caramels
A52 Normandy
A56 Macaw
A59 Bayou
A62 Blues and Gold
A64 Preserves
A71 Navys
A78 Waterfall
A91 El Paso
A93 Williamsburg
A95 Phoenix
A97 Nevada

A102 Irises
A110 Leafy Green
A111 Spring Flowers
A115 Delphiniums
A118 Pastels
A119 Bouquet
A120 Country Garden
A121 Browns
A122 Caravan
A123 Cameo
A124 Painted Sands
A125 Paprika
A126 Timberland
A127 Antique Rose
A128 Granites
A129 Scottsdale
A130 Tidal Pool
A131 Spruce Green
A132 Haystack
A133 Shamrocks

Rainbow Gallery - Capri 13
Product No: 35351
Supplier Code: C-13
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 2.60

SALE PRICE: $ 2.08 - (SAVE 20 %)

100% Polyester; 15 yard cards; Matte finish
For needlepoint 10ct to 13ct

C301 Black
C302 White
C303 Ecru
C304 Magenta
C305 Scarlet
C306 Burgundy
C307 Lemon
C308 Orange
C309 Teal Green
C310 Pansy
C311 Purple
C312 Sky Blue
C313 Electric Blue
C314 Pearl Blue
C315 Navy
C316 Indian Tan
C317 Inca Gold
C318 Autumn Leaf
C319 Brown stone
C320 Moss
C321 Evergreen
C322 Silver Gray
C323 Gunmetal
C324 Kiwi
C325 Jolly Green

C326 Red
C327 Crystal Blue
C328 Nautical Blue
C329 Neon Orange
C330 Powder Pink
C331 Lavender
C332 Dark Chocolate
C333 Mushroom
C334 Burnt Olive
C335 Pewter
C336 Gunmetal
C337 San Dune
C338 Malibu Blue
C339 Blue Grotto
C340 Hot Pink
C341 Green Flash
C342 Brown Sugar
C344 Neon Orange
C345 Neon Yellow
C346 Neon Green
C347 Classic Blue
C348 Windsor Wine
C349 Gingerbread
C350 Leprechaun

Rainbow Gallery - Capri 18
Product No: 35350
Supplier Code: C-18
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 2.60

SALE PRICE: $ 2.08 - (SAVE 20 %)

100% Polyester; 20 yard cards; Matte finish
For needlepoint 14ct to 18ct

C801 Black
C802 White
C803 Ecru
C804 Magenta
C805 Scarlet
C806 Burgundy
C807 Lemon
C808 Orange
C809 Teal Green
C810 Pansy
C811 Purple
C812 Sky Blue
C813 Electric Blue
C814 Pearl Blue
C815 Navy
C816 Indian Tan
C817 Inca Gold
C818 Autumn Leaf
C819 Brown stone
C820 Moss
C821 Evergreen
C822 Silver Gray
C823 Gunmetal
C824 Kiwi
C825 Jolly Green

C826 Red
C827 Crystal Blue
C828 Nautical Blue
C829 Neon Orange
C830 Powder Pink
C831 Lavender
C832 Dark Chocolate
C833 Mushroom
C834 Burnt Olive
C835 Pewter
C836 Gunmetal
C837 Sand Dune
C838 Malibu Blue
C839 Blue Grotto
C840 Hot Pink
C841 Green Flash
C842 Brown Sugar
C843 Neon Pink
C844 Neon Orange
C845 Neon Yellow
C846 Neon Green
C847 Classic Blue
C848 Windsor Wine
C849 Ginger Bread
C850 Leprechaun

C851 Saffron
C852 Green Glow
C853 Daffodil
C854 Orange Popsicle

Rainbow Gallery - Coronet Braid - Size 16
Product No: 23938
Supplier Code: RGBR16
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 6.20

SALE PRICE: $ 4.96 - (SAVE 20 %)

Comparable to La Lame 1 and Christopher Smooth B1

160B White Pearl
161B Gold
162B Arctic Gold
163B Vatican Gold
164B Silver
165B Pewter

Rainbow Gallery - Coronet Braid - Size 4
Product No: 10704
Supplier Code: RG
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 4.20

SALE PRICE: $ 3.36 - (SAVE 20 %)

Comparable to La Lame Smooth 1 1/4 & Christopher 1 (cross stitch 11-18ct)

39B True Gold
40B White Pearl
42B Arctic Gold
43B Vatican Gold
45B Pewter
46B Red
47B Green
48B Copper
49B Purple
50B Royal Blue
51B Black

Rainbow Gallery - Coronet Braid - Size 8
Product No: 10767
Supplier Code: RGBR8
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 6.65

SALE PRICE: $ 5.32 - (SAVE 20 %)

Needlepoint 18ct & Couch

79B True Gold
81B Gold
86B Red
87B Green
89B Purple
90B Royal Blue
91B Black

Rainbow Gallery - Cresta d'Oro
Product No: 10705
Supplier Code: RGCDO
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 2.85

SALE PRICE: $ 2.28 - (SAVE 20 %)

12-18ct Metallic

C01 Gold
C02 Antique Gold
C03 Black Gold
C04 Matte Gold
C09 Black Silver
C20 Pink
C21 Fuchsia
C27 Purple
C30 Green
C31 Forest Green
C40 Brown
C41 Bronze
C42 Copper
C52 Blue
C61 Opal Multi

Rainbow Gallery - Crystal Braid
Product No: 10706
Supplier Code: RGCBR
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 5.15

SALE PRICE: $ 4.12 - (SAVE 20 %)

12strand, unique icy pearl look, needlepoint 18ct, long stitch 22ct, cross stitch 11 & 14ct

CR01 Pearl
CR02 Baby Blue Pearl
CR03 Lavender Pearl
CR04 Pink Pearl
CR05 Pale Mint Green Pearl
CR06 Lemon Pearl
CR07 Yellow Pearl
CR08 Old Gold Pearl
CR09 Vatican Gold Pearl
CR11 Peach Pearl
CR13 Aqua Pearl
CR14 Silver Pearl
CR15 Blue Pearl
CR16 Northern Lights
CR17 Tiffany Blue
CR18 Brite Red

Rainbow Gallery - Elegance
Product No: 10639
Supplier Code: RGA-ELSP
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.90

SALE PRICE: $ 3.12 - (SAVE 20 %)

Twisted Silk Pearl #8 - use for fine counted work, Hardanger, Tatting and on Congress Cloth - Colors dyed to match Rainbow Gallery Splendor Silk Floss, Grandeur, Spleandor Silk Ribbon and Subtlety #12 Silk Pearl.

E800 Cool White
E801 Black
E802 White
E804 Champagne
E805 Pink Pale
E808 Purple Med
E811 Lavender
E812 Lavender Dark
E813 Rose Pink
E814 Rose
E815 Flesh
E816 Pine
E818 Peach
E820 Ruby Red
E821 Red Med
E822 Red Dark
E827 Dark Burgundy
E831 Forest Green
E832 Dark Green
E840 Camel
E844 Dark Fawn
E848 Olive
E853 Dark Brown
E855 Blue Blush
E858 Navy Med

E860 Sky Blue Lite
E862 Wedgewood dark
E864 Dark Periwinkle
E877 Gold
E880 Teal
E880 Teal
E884 Baby Pink
E888 Charcoal Gray
E891 Smoke Gray
E892 Lite Taupe
E899 Ecru Dark
E900 Pale Beige
E901 Golden Brown pale
E904 Dark Golden Brown
E905 Pistachio Green Lt
E907 Pistachio Green Dark
E913 Shell Pink
E915 Antique Blue
E916 Antique Blue lite
E922 Electric Blue
E923 Dark Flesh
E930 Pearl Gray Lt
E932 Lt Blue Violet
E935 Amethyst Lt
E936 Amethyst med

E953 Med Antique Mauve
E960 Lite Raspberry
E983- Pale Olive
E1005 Cranberry
E1044 Deep Aqua
E1105 Neon Green
E1119 Lightest Electric Blue
E1134 Dark Orchid
E1138 Brite Orange Red

Rainbow Gallery - Entice
Product No: 26578
Supplier Code: RGENT
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.15

SALE PRICE: $ 2.52 - (SAVE 20 %)

Ideal for 18ct

E201 Jet Black
E202 Snow White
E203 Champagne
E204 French Vanilla
E205 Sweet Pea
E206 Orchid
E207 Pansy
E208 Bubblegum
E209 Pink Flambe
E210 Capri
E211 Twinkle Blue
E212 Navy
E213 Sapphire
E214 Gold
E215 Grecian Gold
E216 Bermuda Grass
E217 Emerald
E218 Sunshine
E219 Green Apple
E220 Marmalade
E221 Strawberry
E222 Ruby Slippers
E223 Forever Blue
E224 Silver
E225 Lite Periwinkle

E226 Periwinkle
E227 Peach Nectar
E228 Chartreuse
E229 Surf Blue
E230 Almost Aqua
E231 Dark Raspberry
E232 Tangerine
E233 Spruce
E234 Aspen Green
E235 Jade
E236 Grass Green
E237 Amber Gold
E238 Fiesta
E239 Tomato
E240 Rumba Red
E241 Dusty Coral
E242 Root Beer
E243 Sachet Pink
E244 Raspberry
E245 Wispering Blue
E246 Angel Blue
E247 Hawaiian Ocean
E248 Soothing Sea
E249 Blue Grass
E250 Fern

E251 Green Olive
E252 Radiant Yellow
E253 Sun Orange
E254 Island Green
E255 Blue Skies
E256 Brilliant Blue
E257 Classic Blue
E258 Jasmine Green
E259 Honey Gold
E260 Pink Carnation
E261 Magenta
E262 Autumn Sunset
E263 Sky Blue
E264 Passion Flower
E265 Flame
E266 Flame Orange
E267 Very Berry
E268 Gothic Gold
E269 Crystal Blue
E270 Rubber Ducky
E271 Orchid Ice
E272 Beach Rose
E273 Cameo Pink
E274 Bridal Rose
E275 Maroon

E276 Lily Pad
E277 Green Gables
E278 Ice Green
E279 Scuba Blue
E280 Sandstorm
E281 India Ink
E282 Azure Tide
E283 Greenery
E284 Pink Champagne
E285 Mauvelous
E286 Wild Plum
E287 Pastel Yellow
E288 Lemonade
E289 Aquamarine
E290 Clearwater
E291 Mist Green
E292 Lavender Gray
E293 Jacaranda
E294 Twilight Mauve
E295 Vivid Blue
E296 Brilliant Blue
E297 Bright Marigold
E298 Meadow Green
E299 Imperial Blue
E300 Golden Glow

E301 Daiquiri Green
E302 Platinum
E303 Blush
E304 Georgia Peach
E305 Harvest Pumpkin
E306 Electric Blue
E307 Cranberry Ice
E308 Cherry Pink
E309 Merlot
E310 Golden Nugget
E311 Antique Gold
E312 Evening Sand
E313 Gunmetal
E314 Purple Haze
E315 Frosty Spruce
E316 Autumn Glaze
E317 Barn Red
E318 Ivy League
E319 Blue Danube
E320 Sparkling Snow
E321 Sea Pearl
E322 Lavender Frost
E323 Rainbow Ice
E324 Antique Silver
E325 Antique Gold

E326 Black Sparkle
E327 Chinese Red
E328 Lilac Ash
E329 Lavender Pearls
E330 Ice Blue
E331 Blue Grotto
E332 Candlelit Beige
E333 Peach Glow
E334 Rain Forest
E335 Yellow Iris
E336 Turquoise Ice
E337 Rosewater
E338 Arctic Blue
E339 Antique White
E340 Mardi Gras Red
E341 Mardi Gras
E342 Red Wine

Rainbow Gallery - Eyelash
Product No: 67319
Supplier Code:
Designer/Artist: Rainbow Gallery
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 1.85

SALE PRICE: $ 1.48 - (SAVE 20 %)

Needlepoint 10-18 Count Canvas Cross Stitch 1-11 Count Canvas 100% Polyamide 8 yards 16 colors Use as off the card for longer stitches either diagonal or straight. Lightly brush up to create the fur look you desire. Can also be trimmed after lightly brushing.

RE01 Black
RE02 White
RE03 Ecru
RE04 Palamino
RE05 Chestnut
RE06 Sable
RE07 Javelina
RE08 Fawn
RE09 Cowhide
RE10 Blue Cloud
RE11 Cradle Pink
RE12 Shocking Pink
RE13 Scarlet Rose
RE14 Amethyst
RE15 Bright Lime
RE16 Gorgeous Gray
RE17 Ultimate Gray
RE18 Gray Stone

Rainbow Gallery - Flair
Product No: 10659
Supplier Code: RGFLA
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.60

SALE PRICE: $ 2.88 - (SAVE 20 %)

Flair has a nice glimmer that will not overpower the other fibers in your work. Its very subtle shine will add interest to your work. On painted canvasses it reinforces the color underneath. Flair is a tubular nylon netting that will unravel. There are several ways to control this. As with the other chainettes, the same hints work. Use a larger than normal needle coming straight up and straight down through the canvas, being careful not to drag the Flair. A small amount of Fray Check or clear nail polish on the end after you thread your needle is another way to solve this problem. Cutting Flair on a severe diagonal can help. Also piercing the Flair with the needle has been suggested. After you thread the needle, pass the needle through the Flair near the end. This makes a small knot that tends to hold the yarn together. Practice will help you control the yarn, as your own personal stitching technique is as important as any trick. Remember to lay Flair, as you do not want it to twist. The effect will be well worth the effort. Other yarns may be inserted inside Flair that will change its look. A strand of floss can change the color just enough to give unlimited shading. Use a rug needle turned upside down to slip a fiber inside the Flair. (14-18 count canvas with long stitches on 16-24 count)

F501 Black
F502 White
F503 Ecru
F504 True Ecru
F505 Pale Pink
F506 Rose Pink
F507 Baby Pink
F508 Pink Blush
F509 Pink
F510 Lite Antique Mauve
F511 Antique Mauve
F512 Dark Antique Mauve
F514 Pale Red Violet
F515 Red Violet
F516 Dark Red Violet
F517 Pale Antique Violet
F518 Lite Antique Violet
F519 Antique Violet
F521 Pale Fuchsia
F522 Light Fuchsia
F523 Fuchsia
F524 Wild Rose
F525 Pale Peach
F526 Dark Peach
F527 Terra Cotta

F528 Deep Garnet
F529 Dark Red
F530 Christmas Red
F531 Grass Green
F533 Med Christmas Green
F534 Christmas Green
F535 Forest Green
F536 Lite Sea Green
F537 Sea Green Blush
F538 Sea Green
F539 Deep Sea Green
F541 Lite Aquamarine
F542 Medium Aquamarine
F543 Dark Aquamarine
F545 Delft Blue
F546 Bright Blue
F547 Pale Aqua
F548 Turquoise
F551Lite Tann
F552 Champagne
F553 Old Gold
F554 Golden Brown
F556 Dark Brown
F557 Blue Blush
F559 Royal Blue 1

F560 Lite Baby Blue
F561 Medium Baby Blue
F562 Dark Blue
F563 Pale Antique Blue
F565 Antique Blue Mist
F566 Lite Antique Blue
F567 Antique Blue
F568 Dark Antique Blue
F569 Lite Sapphire
F570 Medium Sapphire
F571 Dark Sapphire
F572 Yellow
F573 Golden Yellow
F574 Orange
F575 Sand
F576 Dark Sand
F577 Lite Purple
F579 Dark Purple
F580 Pale Periwinkle
F581 Medium Periwinkle
F582 Dark Periwinkle
F583 Lite Rose Pink
F584 Rose Pink
F585 Olive Green
F587 Dark Olive Green

F588 Pumpkin
F589 Blue Mist
F590 Gray Blush
F591 Pale Gray
F593 Dark Gray
F594 Royal Blue #2
F595 Fawn Blush
F596 Lite Fawn
F597 Fawn
F598 Dark Fawn
F599 Brite Yellow
F600 Lite Olive Green
F601 Royal Purple
F602 Raspberry
F603 Goldenrod
F604 Scarlet
F605 Ivory
F606 Med Antique Blue
F607 Lite Grass Green
F608 Dark Fuchsia
F609 Lite Lavender
F610 Steel Gray
F611 Dark Golden Brown
F612 Deep Orange

Rainbow Gallery - Fluffy Fleece
Product No: 23949
Supplier Code: RGFE / RGFB
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.35

SALE PRICE: $ 2.68 - (SAVE 20 %)

FE - Thick textured yarn to couch on top of canvas or fabric
FB - Thinner version textured yarn to couch on top of canvas or fabric

FE1 Natural
FE2 Lite Brown
FE14 White

Rainbow Gallery - Frosty Rays
Product No: 10624
Supplier Code: RGFRY
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 4.15

SALE PRICE: $ 3.32 - (SAVE 20 %)

Stroke the yarn as you stitch with it. The Tiara metallic inside the Frosty Rays will tend to meander. If you pull the whole bundle, Flair and Tiara metallic together, it will straighten out and lay much nicer. Be careful not to pull the metallic all the way out as it is difficult to put pack. Also, the use of a lay8ing tool will help. If you are having trouble, try Petite Frosty Rays as it is a thinner yarn. It starts to get a bit tight on 18 count so be careful that small pieces of the nylon do not get stuck in your work. The Frosty Rays with the white pearl metallic inside is slightly heavier than the others. A little trick that gives interesting effects is to bring the thread up through the canvas, remove the needle, then slide the Frosty Rays down the Tiara to form a clump. Rethread you needle, go back through the canvas at a point of your choosing and couch down the bunched up Frosty Rays. This gives the effect of a crinkly bullion knot or chenille and makes three dimensional fur, hair or ruffles. (10-18 Count Canvas with long stitches on 12-22 Count)

Y001 Sand Gloss
Y002 Golden Gray gloss
Y003 Lite Fawn Gloss
Y004 Fawn Gloss
Y005 Pale Pink Gloss
Y007 Rose Peach Gloss
Y010 Rose Pink Gloss
Y012 Passionate Purple Gloss
Y013 Baby Pink Gloss
Y014 Silver Pink Gloss
Y015 Lite Antique Mauve Gloss
Y017 Fuchsia Gloss
Y018 Pale Fuchsia Gloss
Y019 Black Sparkle Gloss
Y020 Dark Antique Mauve Gloss
Y021 Black Sparkle gloss
Y022 Aqua Gloss
Y023 Dark Waters Gloss
Y024 Turquoise Gloss
Y025 Lite Sea Green Gloss
Y026 Christmas Green Gloss
Y027 Sea Green Gloss
Y028 Dark Aqua Gloss
Y029 Deep Sea Green Gloss
Y030 Pale Antique Blue Gloss

Y031 Lite Blue Blush Gloss
Y032 Lite Antique Blue Gloss
Y033 Pale Sapphire Gloss
Y034 Lite Sapphire Gloss
Y035 Med Sapphire Gloss
Y036 Dark Sapphire Gloss
Y038 Aqua Shimmer Gloss
Y040 Medium Blue Gloss
Y042 Dark Blue Gloss
Y043 Very Dark Blue Gloss
Y045 Dark Antique Blue Gloss
Y046 Midnight Blue Gloss
Y047 Lite Blue Gloss
Y048 Sky Blue Gloss
Y049 Pale Silver Aqua Gloss
Y050 Antique Blue Gloss
Y051 Gray Blush Gloss
Y052 Pale Periwinkle Gloss
Y053 Med Periwinkle Gloss
Y054 Dark Periwinkle Gloss
Y055 Lavender Gloss
Y056 Medium Purple Gloss
Y057 Dark Purple Gloss
Y058 Yellow Gold Gloss
Y059 Golden Yellow Gloss

Y060 Light Tan Gloss
Y061 Yellow Gloss
Y062 Golden Tan Gloss
Y063 Medium Tan Gloss
Y064 Copper Gloss
Y065 Golden Brown Gloss
Y066 Bronze Gloss
Y067 Brown Sparkle Gloss#1
Y068 Dark Peach Gloss
Y069 Black Gloss
Y070 Black Gold Gloss
Y071 Christmas Red Gloss
Y072 Dark Red Gloss
Y073 Pale Antique Gloss
Y075 Pale Gray Gloss
Y076 Violet Gloss
Y077 Lite Violet Gloss
Y079 Antique Violet Gloss
Y080 Red Violet Gloss
Y081 Grass Green Gloss
Y082 Lt Christmas Green
Y083 Med Christmas Green Gloss
Y084 Med Olive Green Gloss
Y085 Green Gloss
Y086 Dark Olive Green Gloss

Y087 Very Dark Olive Green Gloss
Y088 Yellow Sparkle Gloss
Y089 Sea Green Gloss
Y090 Green Sparkle Gloss
Y091 Midnight Green Gloss
Y094 Medium Orange Gloss
Y095 Orange Gloss
Y096 Silver Blue Blush Gloss
Y097 Brown Sparkle Gloss#2
Y098 Brown Gloss
Y099 Silvery Pink Gloss
Y101 Brite Yellow Pearl
Y102 Yellow Pearl
Y103 Ecru Pearl
Y104 Golden Yellow Pearl
Y105 Eggshell Pearl
Y106 Pale Pink Pearl
Y107 Lite Rose Pearl
Y108 Rose Pink Pearl
Y109 Baby Pink Pearl
Y110 Lite Ant Mauve Pearl
Y111 Antique Mauve Pearl
Y112 Fuchsia Pearl
Y117 Pale Antique Violet Pearl
Y118 Violet Pearl

Y119 Antique Violet Pearl
Y121 Pale Violet Pearl
Y124 Pink Blush Pearl
Y125 Pale Peach Pearl
Y127 Dark Peach Pearl
Y128 Very Dark Peach Pearl
Y130 Orange Pearl
Y134 Grass Green Pearl
Y136 Lite Sea Green Pearl
Y137 Pale Sea Green Pearl
Y147 Aqua Pearl
Y148 Pale Aqua Pearl
Y150 Lite Fawn Pearl
Y151 Lite Tan Pearl
Y153 Old Gold Pearl
Y160 Lite Blue Pearl
Y165 Pale Sapphire Pearl
Y170 Pale Periwinkle Pearl
Y171 Med Periwinkle Pearl
Y172 Dark Periwinkle Pearl
Y189 Blue Blush Pearl
Y190 Gray Blush Pearl
Y191 Pale Gray Pearl
Y193 Dark Gray Pearl
Y194 Rose Pearl

Y201 Pale Gold Ice
Y203 Silver Ice
Y208 Multi Black Ice
Y209 Multi Blue Ice
Y210 Medium Blue Ice
Y213 Turquoise Ice
Y216 Purple Ice
Y217 White Pearl Ice
Y218 Gold Ice
Y219 Peach Ice
Y220 Pale Blue Ice
Y221 Lilac Ice
Y222 Violet Ice
Y223 Pink Ice
Y225 Gray Ice
Y228 Watery Blue Ice
Y310 Lite Ash Rose Gloss
Y311 Ash Rose Gloss
Y312 Dark Ash Rose Gloss
Y318 Midnight Red Gloss
Y321 Rose Violet Gloss
Y322 Deep Rose Violet Gloss
Y328 Lite Cranberry Gloss
Y329 Cranberry Gloss
Y330 Vatican Gold Gloss

Y332 Dark Peach Gloss
Y334 Rose Gloss
Y337 Golden Fawn Gloss
Y338 Dark Golden Fawn Gloss
Y339 Med Grass Green Gloss
Y340 Christmas Green Sparkle Gloss
Y341 Christmas Red Sparkle Gloss
Y342 Peach Gloss
Y343 American Beauty Gloss
Y344 Wild Rose Gloss
Y345 Dark Christmas Green Gloss
Y346 Deep Blue Gloss
Y347 Goldenrod Gloss
Y348 Burnt Orange Gloss
Y349 Marine Blue Gloss
Y350 Rosewood Gloss
Y351 Deep Garnet Gloss
Y352 Red Swirls Gloss
Y353 Rose Sparkle Gloss
Y354 Violet Sparkle Gloss
Y355 Tree Green Gloss
Y356 Dusty Rose Gloss
Y357 Lite Beige Gloss
Y358 Dark Pewter Gloss
Y359 Very Dark Red Gloss

Y360 Dark Rose Gloss
Y361 Very Dark Pewter Gloss
Y362 Dark Green Gloss
Y363 Antique Gold Gloss
Y364 Silver Taupe Gloss
Y365 Midnight Fuchsia Gloss
Y366 Cherry Gloss
Y367 Midnight Blue Gloss
Y368 Pumpkin Gloss
Y369 Lite Pumpkin Gloss
Y370 Royal Blue Gloss
Y371 Black Silver Gloss
Y372 Lite Red Violet Gloss
Y373 Lite Green Gloss
Y374 Antique Mauve Gloss
Y375 Dark Antique Mauve
Y376 Dark Pumpkin Gloss
Y377 Dark Royal Blue Gloss
Y378 Ruby Red Gloss
Y379 Delft Blue Gloss
Y380 Bright Blue Gloss
Y381 Night Sky Blue Gloss
Y382 24 Karat Gold
Y383 Royal Purple
Y384 Lite Olive Green

Y385 Raspberry
Y386 Mardi Gras
Y387 Fuchsia Swirl
Y388 Winter Blue Ice
Y389 Lime Green Gloss

Rainbow Gallery - Frosty Rays Petite
Product No: 10771
Supplier Code: RGFRYP
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 4.15

SALE PRICE: $ 3.32 - (SAVE 20 %)

Needlepoint 14 to 18ct. Long Stitch 14-24ct

PY001 Sand Gloss
PY004 Fawn Gloss
PY013 Baby Pink Gloss
PY017 Fuchsia Gloss
PY019 Black Sparkle Gloss
PY020 Dark Antique Mauve Gloss
PY022 Aqua Gloss
PY023 Dark Waters Gloss
PY024 Turquoise Gloss
PY025 Lite Sea Green Gloss
PY026 Christmas Green Gloss
PY027 Sea Green Gloss
PY028 Dark Aqua Gloss
PY029 Deep Sea Green Gloss
PY031 Lite Blue Blush Gloss
PY032 Lite Antique Blue Gloss
PY036 Dark Sapphire Gloss
PY040 Medium Blue Gloss
PY042 Dark Blue Gloss
PY043 Very Dark Blue Gloss
PY045 Dark Antique Blue Gloss
PY051 Gray Blush Gloss
PY053 Med Periwinkle Gloss
PY054 Dark Periwinkle Gloss
PY057 Dark Purple Gloss

PY060 Light Tan Gloss
PY061 Yellow Gloss
PY062 Golden Tan Gloss
PY063 Medium Tan Gloss
PY064 Copper Gloss
PY066 Bronze Gloss
PY069 Black Gloss
PY070 Black Gold Gloss
PY071 Christmas Red Gloss
PY072 Dark Red Gloss
PY076 Violet Gloss
PY080 Red Violet Gloss
PY081 Grass Green Gloss
PY083 Med Christmas Green Gloss
PY084 Med Olive Green Gloss
PY085 Green Gloss
PY086 Dark Olive Green Gloss
PY087 Very Dark Olive Green Gloss
PY094 Medium Orange Gloss
PY095 Orange Gloss
PY101 Brite Yellow Pearl
PY102 Yellow Pearl
PY103 Ecru Pearl
PY104 Golden Yellow Pearl
PY106 Pale Pink Pearl

PY109 Baby Pink Pearl
PY151 Lite Tan Pearl
Py153 Old Gold Pearl
PY189 Blue Blush Pearl
PY201 Pale Gold Ice
PY203 Silver Ice
PY217 White Pearl Ice
PY218 Gold Ice
PY318 Midnight Red Gloss
PY334 Rose Gloss
PY343 American Beauty Gloss
PY344 Wild Rose Gloss
PY345 Dark Christmas Green Gloss
PY354 Violet Sparkle Gloss
PY361 Very Dark Pewter Gloss
PY367 Midnight Blue Gloss
PY368 Pumpkin Gloss
PY369 Lite Pumpkin Gloss
PY370 Royal Blue Gloss
PY371 Black Silver Gloss
PY372 Lite Red Violet Gloss
PY373 Lite Green Gloss
PY374 Antique Mauve Gloss
PY375 Dark Antique Mauve
PY376 Dark Pumpkin Gloss

PY377 Dark Royal Blue
PY378 Ruby Red Gloss
PY379 Delft Gloss
PY380 Bright Blue Gloss
PY381 Night Sky Blue Gloss
PY382 24 Karat
PY383 Royal Purple
PY384 Lite Olive Green
PY385 Raspberry
PY386 Mardi Gras
PY387 Fuchsia Swirl
PY388 Winter Blue Ice
PY389 Lime Green gloss
PY401 Lt Blue Multi
PY402 Pastel Pink
PY403 Lite Icy Blue
PY404 Icy Blue
PY405 Autumn Orange
PY406 New Copper
PY407 Old Copper
PY408 Lagoon
PY409 Scarlet
PY410 Lite Periwinkle
PY411 Dark Periwinkle
PY412 Black Cherry

PY413 Orange Pop
PY414 Awesome Gold
PY415 Aqua Splash
PY416 Orchid Ice
PY417 Lavender Ice
PY418 Persian Violet
PY419 Deep Dark Peri
PY420 Razzberry
PY421 Limoncello
PY422 Kiwi Kissed
PY423 Caribbean Sea
PY424 Azure
PY425 Lily Pad
PY426 High Tide
PY427 Melon
PY428 Tinsel
PY429 Phantom

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