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Dinky Dyes - Jumbuck Silk/Wool
Product No: 23137
Supplier Code: DDJB
Publisher: Dinky Dye Silks

Our Price: $ 4.85

20 mtrs of 50% Silk & 50% Wool. Suitable for 13, 14, 16 and 18 mesh

JB1031 Choco Latte
JB1049 Tropic Sunshine
JB1049L Tropic Sunshine Light
JB1049D Tropic Sunshine Dark
JB1058VL Kaylas Rose
JB1058L Kayla Rose Light
JB1058VL Kaylas Rose Very Light
JB1060 Argyle
JB1060L Argyle Light
JB1060D Argyle Dark
JB1065 Charcoal
JB1065L Charcoal Light
JB1065D Charcoal Dark
JB1065VD Charcoal Very Dark
JB1079 Snowy River
JB1102 Hibiscus
JB1102D Hibiscus Dark
JB1102VD Hibiscus Very Dark
JB1112 Banksia
JB1112D Banksia Dark
JB1112VL Banksia Very Light
JB1112L Banksia Light
JB1118D Ironbark Dark
JL1118 Ironbark
JB1118L Ironbark Light

JB1118VL Ironbark Very Light
JB1122 Noosa
JB1122L Noosa Light
JB1122VL Noosa Very Light
JB1122D Noosa Dark
JB1131 Desert Pea
JB1131D Desert Pea Dark
JB1131L Desert Pea Light
JB1134VD Shark Bay Very Dark
JB1134L Shark Bay Light
JB1134 Shark Bay
JB1134D Shark Bay Dark
JB1154 Cottesloe
JB1157 Claremont
JB1157L Claremont Light
JB1157VL Claremont Very Light
JB1159 Cherry Wood
JB1159L Cherry Wood Light
JB1159D Cherry Wood Dark
JB1175 Dragon Fruit
JB1175L Dragon Fruit Light
JB1175D Dragon Fruit Dark
JB1251 Jack O' Lantern
JB1251D Jack O'Lantern Dark
JB1254 Heartthrob

JB1255 Purple Pansy
JB1255D Purple Pansy Dark
JB1255L Purple Pansy Light
JB1259 Apple Pucker
JB1259-L Apple Pucker Light
JB1264-D Poppy Dark
JB1269-L Toffe Light
JB1269-D Toffe Dark
JB1272D Shamrock Dark
JB1272L Shamrock Light
JB1800 Ecru
JB1801 Avocado
JB1801D Avocado Dark
JB1801L Avocado Light
JB1801VL Avocado Very Light
JB1802 Amaroo
JB1802L Amaroo Light
JB1802VD Amaroo Very Dark
JB1803 Pumpkin
JB1804 Ribbit
JB1804L Ribbit Light
JB1804D Ribbit Dark
JB1911 Coral Sea


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