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Rainbow Gallery - Neon Rays
Product No: 10716
Supplier Code: RGNR
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 4.90

SALE PRICE: $ 4.17 - (SAVE 15 %)

When doing any stitch other than a tent stitch, the kinks in the ribbon must be removed. There are several ways to do this, one of which should be right for you. The easiest way is to wet the working length of the ribbon. Use a damp sponge, white paper towel, cloth or whatever, running the Neon Rays through. It is best to use water, as opposed to any other liquid, to remove the kinks. Let the Neon Rays dry before stitching. Another method is to pop Neon Rays as you would Rozashi Silk. Wrap it around a finger on each hand and snap it. The problem with this is that it will thin your length of fiber. If this is not a concern, go ahead. If it is, use a different method. Two other methods are steaming or ironing. That seems to be too much effort for most people. A clean, hot light bulb is a handy substitute. You must lay Neon Rays or you will lose the beauty of this yarn. A laying tool is needed and there are several different ones on the market, all of which work well. Also, note that stitching tension will have an effect on the coverage of Neon Rays. A tighter tension will thin this yarn out and a looser tension will allow it to expand on the canvas. Also, try stabbing Neon Rays with the needle after it is threaded. By piercing the ribbon with the needle, you will avoid it slipping out of the needle. This will help you control your tension. Bury the Neon Rays well when you begin and end, as it will slip out easily. A Bargello tuck is recommended. (14-18 count canvas, long stitches on 18-22 count)

N01 Black
N02 White
N03 Pale Beige
N04 Mauve
N05 Dark Mauve
N06 Wine
N07 Lavender
N08 Amethyst
N09 Purple
N10 Creme
N11 Pale Pink
N12 Pink
N14 Hot Pink
N15 Rose Pink
N16 Pale Peach
N17 Peach
N18 Dark Peach
N19 Watermelon
N20 Red
N21 Cherry
N22 Crimson
N25 Brick Red
N26 Burgundy
N29 Rust
N30 Dark Forest Green

N31 Forest Green
N32 Spruce Green
N33 Loden Green
N35 Pale Green
N36 Jade Green
N37 Celery
N38 Emerald
N40 Beige
N41 Champagne
N43 Khaki
N44 Lite Smoke Brown
N47 Honey Gold
N49 Butternut
N50 Chocolate
N51 Brown
N52 Bark
N53 Dark Brown
N54 Pale Blue
N55 True Blue
N56 Lite Blue
N59 Royal Blue
N60 Navy Blue
N61 Midnight Blue
N62 Sky Blue
N63 Lite Aqua

N64 Aqua
N66 Wedgewood
N67 Dark Teal
N68 Periwinkle
N69 Denim
N72 Pale Yellow
N73 Spring Green
N74 Golden Yellow
N76 Bright Yellow
N79 Bright Gold
N80 Gold
N81 Nutmeg
N82 Cinnamon
N83 Tangerine
N84 Olive
N85 Sage Green
N86 Avocado
N87 Willow Green
N92 Clay
N93 Gunmetal Gray
N94 Gray
N95 Dark Gray
N97 Granite
N98 Lite Lavender
N99 Deep Violet

N100 Brassy Gold
N101 Rose
N102 Antique White
N103 Indigo Blue
N104 Life Taupe
N105 Christmas Green
N106 Federal Blue
N107 Yellow Gold
N108 Yellow Orange
N109 Pewter
N110 Dark Pewter
N111 Lite Antique Rose
N112 Antique Rose
N113 Dark Antique Rose
N114 Lite Sea Foam
N115 Sea Foam
N116 Dark Sea Foam
N117 Medium Peach
N118 Christmas Red
N119 Candy Apple
N120 Merlot
N121 Lite Federal Blue
N122 Aquamarine
N123 Baby Blue
N124 Delft blue

N125 Dark Delft Blue
N126 Lilac
N127 Violet
N128 Orange
N129 Lt Christmas Green
N130 Dk Christmas Green
N131 Pale Iris
N132 Lite Iris
N133 Iris
N134 Old Gold
N135 Chartreuse
N136 Dark Rose Pink
N137 Limeade
N138 Lime
N139 Cornflower Blue
N140 Sun Gold
N141 Lime Sherbert
N143 Orchid
N144 Pansy
N145 Lite French Blue
N146 French Blue
N147 Persimmon
N148 Silver Lining
N149 Golden Glow
N200 Imperial Blue


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