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Rainbow Gallery - Hi-Lights
Product No: 10714
Supplier Code: RGAHI
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 2.95

Do you hate to add blending filament to a yarn? Well, here is the answer. Hi-Lights has the sparkly blending filament already added. All you need to do is take it off the card and begin stitching. The metallic that is pre-blended into the thread will not separate when you stitch. This is a thin thread that may be plied for use on larger count canvas. It is also very good for cross stitch. Do not double the thread over in your needle as you want the metallic filament wound in the same direction when you are stitching with more than one strand. Make sure that you bury the thread on the back very securely or use a waste knot. It is slippery and will pull out easily. Use shorter lengths to prevent wear and unraveling. (2 Ply 18 count, 1 ply 22 count, Cross Stitch 22 to 32 count)

H601 DISC Sub SP60 Silk Lame Petite
H602 DISC Sub SP61 Silk Lame Petite
H603 DISC Sub SP62 Silk Lame Petite
H604 Brite Gold DISC Sub SP06 Silk Lame Petite
H605 DISC Sub SP48 Silk Lame Petite
H606 Pale Gray
H607 Gray
H608 Dark Gray
H609 Pale Pink
H610 Hot Pink
H611 DISC Sub SP91 Silk Lame Petite
H612 Peach
H614 Dark Red
H616 DISC Sub SP77 Silk Lame Petite
H617 DISC Sub SP16 Silk Lame Petite
H618 DISC Sub SP38 Silk Lame Petite
H619 DISC Sub SP77 Silk Lame Petite
H620 Brown
H621 DISC Sub SP59 Silk Lame Petite
H622 Purple
H623 DISC Sub SP34 Silk Lame Petite
H624 DISC Sub SP01 Silk Lame Petite
H625 DISC Sub SP02 Silk Lame Petite
H626 Green
H627 Black Silver

H628 Black Gold
H629 DISC Sub SP35 Silk Lame Petite
H630 DISC Sub SP06 Silk Lame Petite
H631 DISC Sub SP118 Silk Lame Petite
H632 DISC Sub SP29 Silk Lame Petite
H633 Gray Violet
H634 DISC Sub SP82 Silk Lame Petite
H635 Orange
H636 Christmas Red
H637 Maroon
H638 DISC Sub SP57 Silk Lame Petite
H639 Pale Violet
H640 Olive


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