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Rainbow Gallery - Mandarin Bamboo floss
Product No: 10698
Supplier Code: RGMF
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.15

SALE PRICE: $ 2.68 - (SAVE 15 %)

100% Bamboo. This is a very soft and glossy 6-ply, strandable fiber. Use this fiber as one would normally use in both needlepoint and cross stitch.

M800 Cool White
M801 Black
M802 White
M803 Ecru
M804 Medium Raspberry
M805 Lite Antique Mauve
M807 Lite Violet
M808 Violet
M809 Ruby Red
M810 Cranberry
M811 Dark Burgundy
M812 Champagne
M813 Yellow
M815 Rust
M817 Cedar
M818 Olive
M819 Midnight Green
M820 Camel
M821 Dark Beige
M822 Dark Bark
M823 Powder Blue
M824 Dark Wedgewood
M825 Medium Navy
M826 Pearl Gray
M827 Lite Antique Blue

M828 Aqua
M829 Lite Sage
M830 Coffee Bean
M831 Lite Aqua
M832 Salmon
M833 Bark
M834 Lite Pistachio
M835 Medium Pistachio
M836 Pistachio
M837 Lite Terra Cotta
M838 Terra Cotta
M839 Lite Cedar Two
M840 Dark Cedar
M841 Lite Straw
M842 Straw
M843 Dark Straw
M844 Antique Mauve
M846 Deep Antique Mauve
M847 Antique Blue
M848 Dark Antique Blue
M850 Dark Raspberry
M851 Antique Violet
M852 Dark Violet
M853 Pale Peach Flesh
M854 Lite Peach Flesh

M855 Peach Flesh
M856 Dark Orange
M857 Confederate Gray
M858 Dark Confederate Gray
M859 Golden Yellow
M860 Dark Golden Yellow
M861 Lite Christmas Green
M863 Christmas Red
M865 Electric Blue
M866 Very Dark Violet
M869 Dark Periwinkle
M870 Very Dark Antique Blue
M871 Bright Orange
M872 Dark Ecru
M873 Pale Aqua
M874 Blue Aqua
M875 Lite Seafoam
M878 Lite Fawn
M879 Fawn
M880 Dark Fawn
M881 Dark Christmas Green
M882 Very Dark Raspberry
M883 Sage
M884 Medium Sage
M885 Dark Sage

M886 Dark Camel
M887 Lite Christmas Red
M888 Lite Electric Blue
M889 Dark Electric Blue
M890 Dark Navy
M891 Dark Pearl gray
M892 Lite Teal
M893 Teal
M894 Dark Teal
M895 Dark Salmon
M896 Sapphire
M897 Medium Taupe
M898 Dark Taupe
M899 Dark Antique Violet
M900 Wedgewood
M902 Sky Blue
M903 Dark Sky Blue
M904 Lite Yellow
M906 Forest Green
M908 Delft Blue
M910 Bubblegum
M911 Raspberry
M912 Lite Camel
M914 Loden Green
M915 Butterscotch

M916 Marigold
M917 Amethyst
M918 Powder Bronze
M919 Honey Bronze
M922 Twilight
M923 Misty Hills
M924 Sunset
M925 Meadow Land
M926 Night Fall
M927 Mardi Gras
M928 Green Hills
M929 Golden Hills
M930 Winter Sky
M931 Cobblestones


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