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Rainbow Gallery - Bravo
Product No: 10674
Supplier Code: RGBR
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.35

SALE PRICE: $ 2.68 - (SAVE 20 %)

This yarn is a cotton floss with each of its four strands is equivalent to pearl cotton size 12. (Each ply is slightly larger than a strand of DMC floss.) It should be stripped and put back together when stitching so that it will lie smoothly. As with space dyed or overdyed yarns, you need to match up the ends in the same order that you stripped the yarn. Also, when you stitch with the second length you remove from the card, thread the needle on the end opposite the cut (or the end left on the card, not the end that you cut). Always thread the end that is opposite the cut as you continue with additional lengths of yarn. This will ensure that the run of colors remains the same. It is also a good idea to stitch having as much thread as possible on the back of the canvas as this will help you go through the color runs much more quickly. Do not leave long ends when beginning or ending off the thread as this will interrupt the color run. Make sure that you buy enough at one time to complete your project as the dye lots do vary somewhat. The dye lots change because these yarns are hand dyed and variations do occur. Another advantage of these yarns is that they are four plies. This is especially helpful when doing geometric designs where you need to do the same color runs in four different directions. (2 strands on congress cloth, 3 strands on 18 count, 4 strands on 16 count, 5 strands on 14 count)

A00 Ecru
A15 White
A17 Rainforest
A20 Carousel
A24 Reds
A28 Lagoon
A29 Violets
A30 Sahara
A32 Taos
A33 Brandywine
A35 Wild Berries
A46 Peacock
A48 Adobe
A49 Caramels
A52 Normandy
A56 Macaw
A59 Bayou
A62 Blues and Gold
A64 Preserves
A71 Navys
A78 Waterfall
A91 El Paso
A93 Williamsburg
A95 Phoenix
A97 Nevada

A102 Irises
A110 Leafy Green
A111 Spring Flowers
A115 Delphiniums
A118 Pastels
A119 Bouquet
A120 Country Garden
A121 Browns
A122 Caravan
A123 Cameo
A124 Painted Sands
A125 Paprika
A126 Timberland
A127 Antique Rose
A128 Granites
A129 Scottsdale
A130 Tidal Pool
A131 Spruce Green
A132 Haystack
A133 Shamrocks


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