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Dinky Dyes Silk
Product No: 10644
Supplier Code: DDS
Publisher: Dinky Dye Silks

Our Price: $ 5.10

SALE PRICE: $ 4.34 - (SAVE 15 %)

Dinky - Dyes use the best 6 stranded spun silk as a base product on which to create the wonderfully unique colours found in Dinky - Dyes. Each stranded skein of silk is approximately 8m in length. Allow 7 - 10 days before shipping.

DDS000 Natural
DDS001 Rasberry Ripple
DDS002 Purple Haze
DDS003 Lavender Mist
DDS004 Strawberry Ice
DDS005 Mulberry Ice
DDS006 Tutti Fruiti
DDS007 Mother of Pearl
DDS008 Mint Ice
DDS009 Mint
DDS010 Cloudy Sky
DDS011 Coral Sea
DDS012 Lemon Sherbet
DDS013 Jaffa
DDS014 Autumn Leaves
DDS015 Lemon Lime
DDS016 Lemon Mint
DDS017 Mango Tango
DDS018 Apricot
DDS019 Rainforest
DDS020 Gum Leaves
DDS021 Daintree
DDS022 Sapphire
DDS023 Amethyst
DDS024 Jacaranda

DDS025 Ruby
DDS026 Wild Cherry
DDS027 Bushfire
DDS028 Outback
DDS029 Nullabor
DDS030 Hawthorn
DDS031 Choco Latte
DDS032 Sunflower
DDS033 Desert Sands
DDS034 Desert Dusk
DDS035 Madi's Rose
DDS036 Merlot
DDS037 Fuchsia
DDS038 Barrier Reef
DDS039 Monkey Mia
DDS040 Daydream
DDS041 Tea Tree
DDS042 Opal
DDS043 Aquamarine
DDS044 Pacific Sunshine
DDS045 Bush Baby
DDS046 Topaz
DDS047 Cowrie Shell
DDS048 Peach
DDS049 Tropic Sunshine

DDS050 Acacia
DDS051 Kakadu
DDS052 Emerald
DDS053 Coolibah
DDS054 Ningaloo
DDS055 Dreamtime
DDS056 Hardenbergia
DDS057 Native Plum
DDS058 Kayla's Rose
DDS059 Warratah
DDS060 Arglye
DDS061 Pearl
DDS062 Aussie Gold
DDS063 Stormy Sky
DDS064 Nutwood
DDS065 Charcoal
DDS066 Midnight
DDS067 Jacob's Ladder
DDS068 Ocean Pines
DDS069 Swan Valley
DDS070 Ghost Gum
DDS071 Heath
DDS072 Cabernet
DDS073 Shiraz
DDS074 Red Dust

DDS075 Bush Christmas
DDS076 Ocean Grove
DDS077 Blue Mountains
DDS078 Sydney Harbour
DDS079 Snowy River
DDS080 Valley Mist
DDS081 Major Mitchell
DDS082 Whitsunday
DDS083 Peach Melba
DDS084 Kalgoorlie
DDS085 Fantasy Blues
DDS086 Aussie Pride
DDS087 Yallingup
DDS088 Saltbush
DDS089 Wild Lavender
DDS090 Orchid
DDS091 Jarrah
DDS092 Eungella
DDS093 Pacific Ocean
DDS094 Coral Lagoon
DDS095 Airlie
DDS096 Christmas Pines
DDS097 Aussie Jewels
DDS098 Silver
DDS099 Rosella

DDS100 Lilly Pilly
DDS101 Kalamunda
DDS102 Hibiscus
DDS103 Bougainvillea
DDS104 True Blue
DDS105 Mystic Pools
DDS106 Billabong
DDS107 Turquoise
DDS108 Binda
DDS109 Peridot
DDS110 Violet
DDS111 Lilac
DDS112 Banksia
DDS113 Cobar
DDS114 Red Centre
DDS115 Tourmaline
DDS116 Bottlebrush
DDS117 Jindalee
DDS118 Ironbark
DDS119 Kirribilli
DDS120 Hyacinth
DDS121 Bickley Valley
DDS122 Noosa
DDS123 Luna Park
DDS124 Freo

DDS125 Moonee Ponds
DDS126 Murry River
DDS127 Parrot Fish
DDS128 Illawong
DDS129 Black Opal
DDS130 Black Coral
DDS131 Desert Pea
DDS132 Rose Bay
DDS133 Jindabyne
DDS134 Shark Bay
DDS135 Dandenong
DDS136 Sea Grass
DDS137 Riverina
DDS138 Warenda
DDS139 Boulia
DDS140 Pilbara
DDS141 Dark Chocolate
DDS142 Gidgee
DDS143 Lost Gold
DDS144 Aussie Dawn
DDS145 Cherry Ripe
DDS146 Mingenew
DDS147 Down Under Blues
DDS148 Janies Christmas
DDS149 Mardi Gras

DDS150 Auraleen
DDS151 Nabilla
DDS152 Kats Cat
DDS153 Egg Custard
DDS154 Cottlesloe
DDS155 Spearmint
DDS156 Taylors Sweet Pea
DDS157 Claremont
DDS158 Mountain Mist
DDS159 Cherry wood
DDS160 Pink Diamond
DDS161 Blue Iris
DDS162 Pindi
DDS163 Blue Groper
DDS164 Wild Honey
DDS165 Lemon Myrtle
DDS166 Kununurra
DDS167 The Kimberly
DDS168 Nashi
DDS169 Brambleberry
DDS170 Floral Lei
DDS171 Iris
DDS172 Wattle
DDS173 Blue Blush
DDS174 Persian Jade

DDS175 Dragon Fruit
DDS176 Rosewood
DDS177 Vintage Plum
DDS178 Twilight
DDS179 Bunya Cove
DDS180 Red Jasper
DDS181 Antique Mauve
DDS182 Dusty Rose
DDS183 Blue Ice
DDS184 Wallaby Grass
DDS185 Peacock
DDS186 Kiah
DDS187 Halloween
DDS188 Toni's Texas
DDS189 Evergreen
DDS190 Quicksilver
DDS191 Stringy Bark
DDS192 Mocha Mauve
DDS193 Miss Molly
DDS194 Jungle Green
DDS195 Mulga
DDS196 Camo Green
DDS197 Lemon Grass
DDS198 Marigold
DDS199 Choco-Cherry

DDS200 Passion Flower
DDS201 Matilda
DDS202 Terra Cotta
DDS203 Chestnut
DDS204 Flesh
DDS205 Outback Sunrise
DDS206 Mud Flats
DDS207 Woop Woop
DDS208 Hydrangea
DDS209 Blueberry
DDS210 Victorian Sweet Pea
DDS211 Tiger Snake
DDS212 Bluebird
DDS213 Kuranda
DDS214 Happy Hannah
DDS215 Lorikeet
DDS216 Lovely Lily
DDS217 Verdigris
DDS218 Caramel
DDS219 Pistachio
DDS220 Just Jo
DDS221 Thredbo
DDS222 Lucy's Mom
DDS223 Seaforth
DDS224 Carnarvon

DDS225 Quilpie
DDS226 Beach Bum
DDS227 New Leaf
DDS228 Spring Fling
DDS229 Shades of Wine
DDS230 Skinny Latte
DDS231 Cocoa Bean
DDS232 French Press
DDS233 Moonstone
DDS234 Bermuda
DDS235 Wild Strawberry
DDS236 Sugar Plum
DDS237 Your Majesty
DDS238 Distant Thunder
DDS239 Persimmon
DDS240 Pumpkin Spice
DDS241 Napa Valley
DDS242 Fireside
DDS243 Chinese Red
DDS244 Ho Ho Ho
DDS245 Indian Summer
DDS246 Goldfish
DDS247 Golden Poppy
DDS248 Sour Apple
DDS249 Black Sand Beach

DDS250 Crocodile
DDS251 Jack O'Lantern
DDS252 First Rain
DDS253 Tidal
DDS254 Heartthrob
DDS255 Purple Pansy
DDS256 Midnight Rendezvous
DDS257 Out of the Blue
DDS258 Cranberry Cocktail
DDS259 Apple Pucker
DDS260 Tenerife Sea
DDS261 Blue Spruce
DDS262 Irish Forests
DDS263 Irish Meadows
DDS267 Evening in Paris
DDS269 Toffee
DDS270 Saffron
DDS272 Shamrock
DDS273 Gerbera Daisy


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