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Rainbow Gallery - Treasure Braid (Petite)
Product No: 10636
Supplier Code: RGPTB
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 3.89

SALE PRICE: $ 3.31 - (SAVE 15 %)

It is a three ply braided metallic that is extremely versatile. It can usually replace a #4 braid, however, at half the cost per yard. It is very durable and should not present any problem when stitching. In fact, you might try using it where you would use two ply of blending filament. It would give the same look and you would not have the bother, or mess, of stitching with blending filament that you would need to ply up. It is great to use when you want to add a glimmer of metallic without overpowering the rest of your stitching. You also may double or triple it in the needle when you want braids that are equal to a #6 or #9 weight. (For very fine work when doing needlepoint) (14-36 count cross stitch or combined with other threads)

PB01 Bright Gold
PB02 Arctic Gold
PB03 Gold
PB04 Silver
PB05 Black
PB06 Green
PB07 Red
PB08 Royal Blue
PB09 Sky Blue
PB11 Purple
PB12 Lavender
PB13 Pink
PB14 Bronze
PB15 Lite Multi
PB16 Dark Multi
PB17 Water Blue
PB18 Midnight Blue
PB19 Dark Red
PB20 Dark green
PB21 Copper
PB22 Dark Turquoise
PB23 Snow
PB24 Rose
PB25 Old Gold
PB26 Aztec Gold

PB27 Ice Pastels
PB28 Powder Pink
PB29 Burgundy
PB30 Black Gold
PB31 Evergreen
PB32 Pewter
PB33 Blue
PB34 Deep Purple
PB35 Lite Antique Gold
PB36 Antique Gold
PB37 Dark Antique Gold
PB38 Azure Blue
PB39 New Copper
PB40 Egyptian Gold
PB41 Twilight Waters
PB42 Autumn Orange
PB43 Turquoise
PB44 Autumn Red
PB45 Christmas
PB46 4th of July
PB47 Ice
PB48 Autumn Leaves
PB49 Brown
PB50 Seashell
PB51 Dark Chocolate

PB52 Lighter Green
PB53 Midnight Green
PB54 Vatican Gold
PB55 Brass
PB56 Pale Avocado
PB57 Avocado
PB58 Antique Silver
PB59 Black Silver
PB60 Dark Powder Pink
PB61 Dark Peony
PB62 Morning Water
PB63 Deep Midnight Blue
PB64 Lite Rose
PB65 Lite Violet
PB66 Amethyst
PB67 Raspberry
PB68 Black Opal
PB69 Sapphire
PB70 Silver Gray
PB71 Orchid
PB72 Agean Blue
PB73 Black Hills Gold
PB74 Wild Salmon
PB75 Awesome Gold
PB76 Orange

PB77 Pumpkin
PB78 Tropical Tide
PB79 Purple Twilight
PB80 Nautical Blue
PB81 Black Iris
PB82 Volcanic Ash
PB83 Wild Lime
PB84 Grass Green
PB85 Living Coral
PB86 Scuba Blue
PB87 Mediterranean Blue
PB88 Madeira Red
PB89 Racing Green
PB90 Festive Fuchsia
PB91 Shining Armor
PB92 Sweetheart Rose
PB93 Tulip Pink
PB94 Crystal Blue
PB95 Blue Oasis
PB96 Caribbean
PB97 Moss Green
PB98 English Ivy
PB99 Pine Forest
PH01 Gold
PH02 Silver

PH03 Yellow Gold
PH04 Bright Gold
PH05 Black
PH06 Christmas Green
PH07 Christmas Red
PH08 Royal Blue
PH09 Purple
PH11 Pink
PH12 Dark Turquoise
PH13 Copper


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