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Rainbow Gallery - Frosty Rays
Product No: 10624
Supplier Code: RGFRY
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery

Our Price: $ 4.15

SALE PRICE: $ 3.32 - (SAVE 20 %)

Stroke the yarn as you stitch with it. The Tiara metallic inside the Frosty Rays will tend to meander. If you pull the whole bundle, Flair and Tiara metallic together, it will straighten out and lay much nicer. Be careful not to pull the metallic all the way out as it is difficult to put pack. Also, the use of a lay8ing tool will help. If you are having trouble, try Petite Frosty Rays as it is a thinner yarn. It starts to get a bit tight on 18 count so be careful that small pieces of the nylon do not get stuck in your work. The Frosty Rays with the white pearl metallic inside is slightly heavier than the others. A little trick that gives interesting effects is to bring the thread up through the canvas, remove the needle, then slide the Frosty Rays down the Tiara to form a clump. Rethread you needle, go back through the canvas at a point of your choosing and couch down the bunched up Frosty Rays. This gives the effect of a crinkly bullion knot or chenille and makes three dimensional fur, hair or ruffles. (10-18 Count Canvas with long stitches on 12-22 Count)

Y001 Sand Gloss
Y002 Golden Gray gloss
Y003 Lite Fawn Gloss
Y004 Fawn Gloss
Y005 Pale Pink Gloss
Y007 Rose Peach Gloss
Y010 Rose Pink Gloss
Y012 Passionate Purple Gloss
Y013 Baby Pink Gloss
Y014 Silver Pink Gloss
Y015 Lite Antique Mauve Gloss
Y017 Fuchsia Gloss
Y018 Pale Fuchsia Gloss
Y019 Black Sparkle Gloss
Y020 Dark Antique Mauve Gloss
Y021 Black Sparkle gloss
Y022 Aqua Gloss
Y023 Dark Waters Gloss
Y024 Turquoise Gloss
Y025 Lite Sea Green Gloss
Y026 Christmas Green Gloss
Y027 Sea Green Gloss
Y028 Dark Aqua Gloss
Y029 Deep Sea Green Gloss
Y030 Pale Antique Blue Gloss

Y031 Lite Blue Blush Gloss
Y032 Lite Antique Blue Gloss
Y033 Pale Sapphire Gloss
Y034 Lite Sapphire Gloss
Y035 Med Sapphire Gloss
Y036 Dark Sapphire Gloss
Y038 Aqua Shimmer Gloss
Y040 Medium Blue Gloss
Y042 Dark Blue Gloss
Y043 Very Dark Blue Gloss
Y045 Dark Antique Blue Gloss
Y046 Midnight Blue Gloss
Y047 Lite Blue Gloss
Y048 Sky Blue Gloss
Y049 Pale Silver Aqua Gloss
Y050 Antique Blue Gloss
Y051 Gray Blush Gloss
Y052 Pale Periwinkle Gloss
Y053 Med Periwinkle Gloss
Y054 Dark Periwinkle Gloss
Y055 Lavender Gloss
Y056 Medium Purple Gloss
Y057 Dark Purple Gloss
Y058 Yellow Gold Gloss
Y059 Golden Yellow Gloss

Y060 Light Tan Gloss
Y061 Yellow Gloss
Y062 Golden Tan Gloss
Y063 Medium Tan Gloss
Y064 Copper Gloss
Y065 Golden Brown Gloss
Y066 Bronze Gloss
Y067 Brown Sparkle Gloss#1
Y068 Dark Peach Gloss
Y069 Black Gloss
Y070 Black Gold Gloss
Y071 Christmas Red Gloss
Y072 Dark Red Gloss
Y073 Pale Antique Gloss
Y075 Pale Gray Gloss
Y076 Violet Gloss
Y077 Lite Violet Gloss
Y079 Antique Violet Gloss
Y080 Red Violet Gloss
Y081 Grass Green Gloss
Y082 Lt Christmas Green
Y083 Med Christmas Green Gloss
Y084 Med Olive Green Gloss
Y085 Green Gloss
Y086 Dark Olive Green Gloss

Y087 Very Dark Olive Green Gloss
Y088 Yellow Sparkle Gloss
Y089 Sea Green Gloss
Y090 Green Sparkle Gloss
Y091 Midnight Green Gloss
Y094 Medium Orange Gloss
Y095 Orange Gloss
Y096 Silver Blue Blush Gloss
Y097 Brown Sparkle Gloss#2
Y098 Brown Gloss
Y099 Silvery Pink Gloss
Y101 Brite Yellow Pearl
Y102 Yellow Pearl
Y103 Ecru Pearl
Y104 Golden Yellow Pearl
Y105 Eggshell Pearl
Y106 Pale Pink Pearl
Y107 Lite Rose Pearl
Y108 Rose Pink Pearl
Y109 Baby Pink Pearl
Y110 Lite Ant Mauve Pearl
Y111 Antique Mauve Pearl
Y112 Fuchsia Pearl
Y117 Pale Antique Violet Pearl
Y118 Violet Pearl

Y119 Antique Violet Pearl
Y121 Pale Violet Pearl
Y124 Pink Blush Pearl
Y125 Pale Peach Pearl
Y127 Dark Peach Pearl
Y128 Very Dark Peach Pearl
Y130 Orange Pearl
Y134 Grass Green Pearl
Y136 Lite Sea Green Pearl
Y137 Pale Sea Green Pearl
Y147 Aqua Pearl
Y148 Pale Aqua Pearl
Y150 Lite Fawn Pearl
Y151 Lite Tan Pearl
Y153 Old Gold Pearl
Y160 Lite Blue Pearl
Y165 Pale Sapphire Pearl
Y170 Pale Periwinkle Pearl
Y171 Med Periwinkle Pearl
Y172 Dark Periwinkle Pearl
Y189 Blue Blush Pearl
Y190 Gray Blush Pearl
Y191 Pale Gray Pearl
Y193 Dark Gray Pearl
Y194 Rose Pearl

Y201 Pale Gold Ice
Y203 Silver Ice
Y208 Multi Black Ice
Y209 Multi Blue Ice
Y210 Medium Blue Ice
Y213 Turquoise Ice
Y216 Purple Ice
Y217 White Pearl Ice
Y218 Gold Ice
Y219 Peach Ice
Y220 Pale Blue Ice
Y221 Lilac Ice
Y222 Violet Ice
Y223 Pink Ice
Y225 Gray Ice
Y228 Watery Blue Ice
Y310 Lite Ash Rose Gloss
Y311 Ash Rose Gloss
Y312 Dark Ash Rose Gloss
Y318 Midnight Red Gloss
Y321 Rose Violet Gloss
Y322 Deep Rose Violet Gloss
Y328 Lite Cranberry Gloss
Y329 Cranberry Gloss
Y330 Vatican Gold Gloss

Y332 Dark Peach Gloss
Y334 Rose Gloss
Y337 Golden Fawn Gloss
Y338 Dark Golden Fawn Gloss
Y339 Med Grass Green Gloss
Y340 Christmas Green Sparkle Gloss
Y341 Christmas Red Sparkle Gloss
Y342 Peach Gloss
Y343 American Beauty Gloss
Y344 Wild Rose Gloss
Y345 Dark Christmas Green Gloss
Y346 Deep Blue Gloss
Y347 Goldenrod Gloss
Y348 Burnt Orange Gloss
Y349 Marine Blue Gloss
Y350 Rosewood Gloss
Y351 Deep Garnet Gloss
Y352 Red Swirls Gloss
Y353 Rose Sparkle Gloss
Y354 Violet Sparkle Gloss
Y355 Tree Green Gloss
Y356 Dusty Rose Gloss
Y357 Lite Beige Gloss
Y358 Dark Pewter Gloss
Y359 Very Dark Red Gloss

Y360 Dark Rose Gloss
Y361 Very Dark Pewter Gloss
Y362 Dark Green Gloss
Y363 Antique Gold Gloss
Y364 Silver Taupe Gloss
Y365 Midnight Fuchsia Gloss
Y366 Cherry Gloss
Y367 Midnight Blue Gloss
Y368 Pumpkin Gloss
Y369 Lite Pumpkin Gloss
Y370 Royal Blue Gloss
Y371 Black Silver Gloss
Y372 Lite Red Violet Gloss
Y373 Lite Green Gloss
Y374 Antique Mauve Gloss
Y375 Dark Antique Mauve
Y376 Dark Pumpkin Gloss
Y377 Dark Royal Blue Gloss
Y378 Ruby Red Gloss
Y379 Delft Blue Gloss
Y380 Bright Blue Gloss
Y381 Night Sky Blue Gloss
Y382 24 Karat Gold
Y383 Royal Purple
Y384 Lite Olive Green

Y385 Raspberry
Y386 Mardi Gras
Y387 Fuchsia Swirl
Y388 Winter Blue Ice
Y389 Lime Green Gloss


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