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Glissen Gloss Estaz Yarn
Product No: 10647
Supplier Code: ESTAZ
Publisher: Glissen Gloss

Our Price: $ 3.50

2-1/2 yards per card (Estaz Metallique is 2 yards per card) Yarn is a "garland" type fiber that adds fuzzy accents to your needlework. Use in Couching, Plastic Canvas, Needlepoint, and Cross Stitch. Ideal for mesh size 16, 14, or larger. Use with tapestry needle #22 or #20. 100% nylon.

ES1 Opalescent White
ES2 White
ES3 Sky Blue
ES4 Royal Blue
ES5 Navy Blue
ES6 Forest Green
ES7 Sage Green
ES8 Skipper Blue
ES9 Teal
ES10 Green
ES11 Gunmetal
ES12 Gold
ES13 Peach
ES14 Yellow
ES 15 Salmon
ES16 Red
ES17 Pink
ES18 Fuchsia
ES19 Bright Purple
ES 20 Plum
ES21 Black
ES22 Butter Rum
ES23 Opalescent Olive
ES24 Florescent Chartreuse
ES25 Opalescent Rootbeer

ES26 Opalescent Salmon
ES27 Opalescent Light Blue
ES28 Opalescent Dark Blue
ES29 Opalescent Burgundy
ES30 Oopalescent Kelly Green
ES31 Florescent Orance
ES32 Opalescent Purple
ES33 Opalescent Black
ES34 Florescent Red
ES35 Opalescent Pink
ES36 Opalescent Light Pink
ES37 Hot Fire Orange
ES38 Opal Lime Green
ES39 Opal Dark Olive
ES40 Opal Dark Brown
ESM00 Silver Metallique
ESM10 Gold Metallique
ESM23 Olive Metallique
ESM24 Chartreuse Metallique
ESM25 Root Beer Metallique
ESM30 Kelly Green Metallique
ESM33 Opalescent Black Metallique
ESM34 Red Metallique



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